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View Diary: With friends like these, can we really ever all hear each other? Feminism vs. Women of Color Voice (112 comments)

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    mettle fatigue

    "Many roads have to be paved again and again" It feels like we're going backwards. :(

    "Growing your own food is like growing your own money" Ron Finley guerilla gardener extraordinaire.

    by pitbullgirl65 on Wed Aug 21, 2013 at 09:58:40 AM PDT

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    •  found a social progress graphic model 4 U (0+ / 0-)

      'tho it's unlikely to lift your spirits, because we have been for some time (at least in america) moving along the apparent stagnation and regression phases typical of this overlapping loop pattern, that looks like this if you think of it as 2 dimensional and ignore everything but the helical path traced in blue with sort of arrowheads along it showing direction of change

      When we have enough people doing enough, we rise/make some significant progress legally and socially against all the usual resistences to change.  At the point of significant progress made (more or less top of the loops that the topmost arrowheads point at), a lot of activist energy & resources are drastically exhausted and resistance of the majority has increased so, since the benefitted majority in society are now somewhat satisfied as well as somewhat questioning about pushing too far too fast (for various reasons, some quite sensible), society goes into an adjustment arc/phase during which the youngest among the benefitted come to take the new freedoms/rights/advantages for granted and are comfortable enough in them to imagine that these freedoms/rights have always existed and the activists are just a bunch of (in the case of women's progress) embarrassing old broads who didn't actually create change but instead are just mouthing off taking credit for what the american people and govt in their infinite logic "gave" (e.g., the expression, "women were given the vote") and at the same time the opportunists (e.g., eBay chief executive Meg Whitman, billionaire, who'd never have risen to that position or had the chance to --according to some-- nearly destroyed the company) combine the new freedoms with their private privileges to take center stage looking "modern" (sarah palin, michael steele, other prominent persons who give the impression of speaking for/representing other people superficially like themselves) and as "liberated" as society overall is comfortable with (including the ratio of women to men at high levels of power) and significant social change at this point is consolidating and institutionalizing some elements of the progress made but there is also stagnation setting in as the majority fear to risk what they've gained if they engage in further activism.   Opportuntists who benefitted enough to reach positions of comfort and wealth (even relative wealth) and especially if they've rached positions of power 99% do not want competition from anyone else from the minorities (in this sense not minorities in society overall but people who are minorities in the power class) because the power class likes to remain fairly small in order to keep concentrating its wealth and privilege so they stand to profit from holding other folks down.  Thus the newly empowered opportunists along with others in the power class ally with all socioeconomic levels of regressives (we used to call them reactionaries, now we call them conservatives and ultraconservatives, which is a misnomer hence I say regressives) who for various reasons are EXTREMELY uncomfortable unless they can control other people into thinking and living the same as themselves, and the society's complacent majority (which is the operational invention of the new right starting in the 1970s) accepts their causing social progress not just to stagnate in place but actually slide into a regression/erosion phase/arc in which the energies of activists gets very used in rebuilding and repairing what was eroded because without that foundation being sturdy we can't build UPON it.

      The good thing about the regression/erosion phase is that it makes the held-down elements in society get rebellious and angry and the overall energy starts to develop and grow.  Opportunists will now take advantage of that energy for their own profit by claiming to provide a forum for voices in the progressive movement.  Conflict ensues as agents provocateur and saboteurs plant divisiveness amongst us to use up our energies in fighting amongst ourselves about who has the right ideas and who has the wrong ideas, who's selling who out, who can't be trusted, and so on.  This has happened before and it will happen again and again because many skills and comprehensions get rusty, confused, or lost altogther, and also because we have to keep relearning how to work together with people different from ourselves --both for the sake of shared goals and for the sake of negotiating fair agreements where goals may somewhat differ-- because being human we are all subject to suspicion about differentness and that makes us vulerable to holding prejudices and condemning others.

      Quite often our loudest condemnations are for those we believe "ought to have been" or previously were our partners, allies, etc.  A sense of betrayal is very destructive and the regressives trying to sabotage us know that very well: divide and conquer.  Even when the betrayal is actually real, it's still the number one obstacle to pulling together enough collective strength to move up the energizing arc/phase, despite the resistence of the regressives and the deadweight minor-league opportuntists waiting for us to do the work so they can benefit.

      sorry that went so long - l don't have the software to just draw the diagram with a few labels.  i'm sure you've seen a lot of what i've described.  what helps to keep in mind is that within ordinary society where people have only the resources to take care of their families day to day and vote on the issues but little work or cash to donate, the rights that have been solidly gained and rebuilt and maintained are constantly in process of consolidating into the status quo which is what we want to happen - equal rights should be the status quo and not privilege.  the fact that is does keep consolidating is how/why the world is more democratic now than at the time of the first world war and even the 2nd.  there are often huge setbacks and losses because human beings with something to lose (such as their children's lives or their own, or their families' security to whatver degree that exists) tend to think that if their own personal rights are not (yet) threatened then those rights won't be and only the unfortunate "few" are under attack and perhaps rationalized rightly so.  the teaparties have lots of people with lost jobs and lost homes who are not equipped to recognize their common cause is with the left (well, as left as anything gets in amerika) rather than the right which is doing everything well to keep those unfortunates believing that.  meanwhile the movement keeps rollin' like the river.  at times we get the water level high, it floods the nation and the world with true social justice.  that's climate change we can believe in.

      take care,

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