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  •  Happee Friedai! (10+ / 0-)

    I stepped into it today for the first time ever but I just couldn't sit back and watch the games being played anymore - when the attacker becomes the victim game.

    For a few months now, there has been a certain person demanding that I be banned.
    Not me personally, but everyone who uprated another member's diaries and other members' comments.
    I know they've made LISTS.
    Tricia and I were on one together - LOL - and it was because we rec'd something that the person disagreed with.
    Because we support President Obama, we're Republicans or paid shills or paid operatives of the NSA or paid by the White House or - heck, I've lost track but I was informed just this past week that I've made yet another LIST, but at least this time, the LIST was not published in the comment section.
    I'm fed up, too.
    And I don't ever comment in diaries other than community diaries.
    I don't want to suffer the abuse, so could you imagine what would happen if I actually commented in a non-community diary?
    I would probably be banned, not for anything I'd say because I'm very careful, even with uprates, but just because of the LISTS.

    I really have tried to stay out of the fray and keep a positive and happy attitude but when I saw what came down today with one of the main culprits of keeping the LISTS and now they're playing victim, I couldn't help jumping in and it was after much thought.
    Pushing CT used to be a bannable offense, yet there is a lot of CT going on and I am just fed up.

    We'll see what happens and whatever happens, so be it.
    I'm done with it and will ignore it now that I've put my 2 cents in.

    I bet I made another LIST btw!

    Onto happier things and getting back on topic!

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    I do hope that everyone is having a good Friday and that everyone has a great weekend!

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