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View Diary: "The Real Walmart"?!? Six Big Fibs in Walmart's New Ad Campaign (121 comments)

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    Money is worthless, so they spend it??

    Let me try an alternative: Money buys stuff, so it's not worthless. And because it's not worthless, neither you nor Walmart simply gives it away (although both they and you do make charitable contributions).

    Traders trade, in order to make a profit. People trade with traders because they want what's being traded. Both sides profit. If you get what we term, "a good deal," then you exploit each other. As a seller, you exploit your estimate of what people will want, you exploit your saved capital to acquire those things at a favorable price and then you exploit your time and energy to get them to a place of sale, and finally, if you estimated correctly, sell them at a higher price. Of course if you estimated poorly, then you may have to sell the stuff for less than you paid—at which point the customer is exploiting your poor judgment and his good fortune.

    That's the free market. Oh yeah!

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