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  •  Improve the lot of most low paid workers by... (0+ / 0-)

    eliminating the arbitrary and destructive distinction between "full-time" and 'part-time" employees.

    If we agree that:
    1) employers keep employees part-time because by doing so they avoid paying benefits and
    2) the cost of scheduling many part-time employees is higher than the cost of scheduling fewer full-time employees.

    If we made legislatures enact a law requiring that all benefits offered to any employee must be provided in proportion to the hours worked, a significant part of the problem for low paid workers (and put-upon taxpayers) would be solved.

    Doing so would eliminate the employer incentive to have part-time workers and the higher management costs of scheduling part-time workers would provide an additional incentive to give employees full-time work.

    There would be lots of issues to be worked out, but I'm trying to be clear about the concept as well as brief.

    "An egg is not poultry.” An old Blues tune's brilliant insight into the notion that a zygote can, in any sense, be "a person."

    by carbonman1950 on Mon Aug 19, 2013 at 10:40:14 PM PDT

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