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View Diary: "The Real Walmart"?!? Six Big Fibs in Walmart's New Ad Campaign (121 comments)

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    KingCranky, a gilas girl

    I decided one day to see (with some very rough figures available online) what it would cost Walmart to provide a living wage to its employees, and indeed, if you consider their reported profit margin, it would take a significant fraction of that profit.

    But if you looked at it as a percentage of gross sales, it's only a couple/few percent, and therein lies the biggest hidden truth.

    Walmart is all about market dominance, and they achieve that by not only cheating their employees out of fair compensation but by foisting crappy Chinese made products on their customers.

    Who wouldn't want to pay a few extra pennies on the item that they buy at Walmart to save the huge cost of picking up Walmart's slack with our tax dollar funded entitlements, because their employees live below the poverty level?

    And who wouldn't want to pay a few extra pennies more, if it meant that we could keep our factories here in the U.S. open?

    But then Walmart would be slightly less competitive and therefore wouldn't be able to decimate their competitors quite as well.

    All this at the cost of the decimation of both U.S. manufacturing and the American middle class.

    How can we all not be outraged that these parasites have managed to amass such a fortune at the cost of so much more to our society?

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