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  •  Key to Egypt is the Sinai (11+ / 0-)

    Haaretz: Sinai is the Egyptian military's Achilles' heel

    "If Israel was the one who attacked in Sinai, we must support our army in its conflict with Israel; but if it is the Muslim Brotherhood who is exploiting the event for the benefit of the deposed [president], that is despicable," wrote the well-known Egyptian author Alaa Al Aswany on his Facebook wall.

    The "event in Sinai," the killing of terrorists from the air attributed to Israel, has forced Al Aswany and his liberal and nonreligious colleagues into a position of political distress. If they accuse the Egyptian army of cooperating with Israel they will shoot themselves in the foot, as the army for now is the strong pillar preventing the return of the Muslim Brotherhood to power. Therefore, it is forbidden to "stain" the army with cooperation with Israel or allowing Israel to attack in Sinai. Now the official military story is that quoted in opposition newspapers — in which an Egyptian military helicopter destroyed the terror cell while it was preparing an attack. The Egyptian journalists even enlisted Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon for their cause, and his statements on "Israel honoring Egyptian sovereignty" made headlines.


    The possible solution is a compromise with the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, something that seems to be forming. Leaks reported in the Egyptian media say part of the Brotherhood's leadership is willing to back down from the demands to restore Morsi to power — in return for the release of Brotherhood prisoners and changes in the constitution, though not rewriting the constitution, and a commitment not to outlaw the Brotherhood as a movement. The Brotherhood's leadership has denied these reports of such an agreement, and in Cairo they are waiting with bated breath to see how long the army's patience will last.

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