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    Criminal and Scientific Misconduct Involving Neural Prosthesis Research Funded by the NIH/NINDS/NPP and The Alfred E. Mann Foundation
    by David A. Larson


    The photos contained in this document are of microstimulator devices that were surgically recovered andanalyzed by using microscopy and by materials charcterization techniques. The recovered devices are anexact match for the devices that were developed by research scientists Joseph Schulman, Gerald Loeb andPhilip Troyk under contract from the National Institutes of Health.

    There are about 4 contracts involved, butthe initial contract was #N01-NS5-2325 and funded by the NIH/NINDS/NPP. More information regardingthese contracts can be found at the NIH Neural Prosthesis Project website. The following list briefly outlinessome of the evidence presented in this document:1. Microstimulator devices have been surgically recovered by a Physician in Los Angeles CA.2. Devices have been analyzed using Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) at Photometrics(materials characterization lab, Huntington Beach, CA) and confirm the presence of Silicon, Chlorineand other materials used in semiconductor processing. 3.

    The recovered devices show fabrication and design methods which uniquely belong to researchscientists Joseph Schulman, Gerald Loeb and Philip Troyk, and are detailed in their U.S. Patent officefilings. The recovered devices precisely match these patents.4. Additionally, Schulman and Loeb filed US Patent applications for a system of monitoring a patient andmethods allowing bi-directional telemetry over greater distances that involves using one frequencytypically used for communication between the number of small implants and other near-by devices(between 570Hz and 2Mhz), and then an additional frequency (such as 224.840 MHz, or higher)which carries the data over the necessary long distance to the remote location.5. Timing 1:

    My assault occurred during the same quarter in which Schulman and Loeb filed patentapplications for implantable devices and patient monitoring systems which employ above mentionedmethods of bi-directional telemetry. U.S. Provisional Application No. 60/039,164 was filed on Feb.26, 1997 and U.S. Provisional Application Ser. No. 60/042,447 on Mar. 27, 19976. Timing 2: Schulman and Loeb report the first functional microstimulators in a QPR just prior to myassault and first animal implantations are planned. They subsequently report “tightening up” theaccountability and traceability of prototype devices in a QPR following the assault7.

    Schulman has an FCC license and broadcasts at 224.840 MHz (K6BWA) and has repeatersoperating to the North, South and East of my residence, all within a 22-mile range. Additionally,another repeater in Altadena CA (but with a call sign that begins with a “W”), operating at the samefrequency is actually licensed to an individual who lives in Oak Lawn, IL., (14 miles from IIT Chicago).8. Professor Wise from Univ. of Michigan reports in a QPR that because of bandwidth and impedanceissues, 200MHz should be chosen for remote, wireless stimulation using a neural prosthesis.

    The FCC database shows that Joseph Schulman operates radio repeaters in this frequency as call signK6BWA.9. Schulman reported acquiring an ISDN “Connectix” phone as part of contract #N01-NS5-2325claiming it would be used for file sharing and enhanced communication. Later, a company he foundedcalled “NeuroDyne” markets a new system which used such an ISDN video-phone to enable multiple physicians to tele-conference while analyzing a patients biofeedback signals such as EEG and EMGin real-time as the physiologic data is displayed on the screens and which can be saved for furtheranalysis10.

    Schulman reports that a “faulty” diode and resistor required that they be removed in-house (using twoweeks worth of labor as well as equipment) and that replacement components would then have to bere-attached, however the patents of Schulman, Loeb and Troyk describe how additional, minimalcircuitry can be integrated onto existing circuitry allowing diodes and resistors to be eliminated rather


    March 4, 2011


    This week, a secretly forced brain implanted American citizen has ensured his case is no longer a secret kept from or by President Obama. James Walbert told the Examiner Friday that he is encouraged by the Presidential Commission on the Study of Bioethical Issues panel receiving his evidence of the shocking crime perpetrated on many, including him.

    If we don't recognize that this is a truly unique moment in America's constitutional history, our generation's going to regret it forever. ~ Senator Ron Wyden

    by anyname on Sun Aug 18, 2013 at 11:59:37 PM PDT

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