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  •  hey good to here about your (11+ / 0-)

    area. I've been spotting a juvenile Cooper's hawk lately. Also, a Blue Grosbeak. First for me.

    Is anything changing at White water draw? I'd like to go over there. I'm going up to the Dragoons this weekend.

    I have the barn swallows over here. The chicks fledged last week. I'd like to see the violet green swallows you described.

    •  Hi Sphinx! (5+ / 0-)

      I was at school and then at an appointment and some shopping in SV until now. Which entailed a lot of driving today...

      I'm mostly observing the hawks on the way to school. If I see a hawk about every 1/4 to 1/2 mile, they're here! Lately that is what it has been like: hawks up and down Frontier and Central, and Davis too, which is my usual route to Elfrida. ID'ing on the fly is always a bit tricky of course, but what I'm seeing so far are our friendly and fecund Red Tails. I've not yet seen anything that doesn't look like a Red Tail in other words!

      The draw is a lake right now. It's full and high, and I'm looking at it from 3/4 of a mile away. I've never seen it so obvious, and today, I saw two GB Herons flying towards it, first I've seen since, well, a long time. If they keep the level high for the cranes, it could be a pretty good winter for them.

      Last year I was (and remain) convinced that I saw a Osprey on a power pole - twice - on the northern part of Frontier, right near the pecan farm, and not far from the draw. Nothing else has the distinctive head coloring that an Osprey does, and I know I saw it. Time to carry both big camera and big lens in the truck.

      Lots of bugs as food over here in the valley now, but I think that's pretty much everywhere around here.

      And yeah, I know tarantulas don't really act like that at all, so no snarking, this is the internet damnit!

      by itzadryheat on Fri Aug 23, 2013 at 04:22:51 PM PDT

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