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View Diary: Fossil Fuel Uncompetitive in Germany; Plants to Shut Down (255 comments)

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  •  Look here's the truth -- (50+ / 0-)

    The Germans don't pay cents for anything.  They pay in Euros and fractions of Euros for everything.  

    They also have a different wage structure and a much healthier economy than we do so your comparison is completely misleading, at best.

    The reality is that no matter what the natural resource in question is and no matter what any country is paying for it today - at this moment in time - if that natural resource begins to be scarce and countries have to start to engage in fighting for that either commercially or with weaponry, those countries that are in competition will be at a disadvantage to those countries that have figured out alternatives to the problem.

    The addiction to fossil fuels and the addiction to the dealers is exactly the rule in drug dealing that says, "Don't get addicted to the drugs you are selling, ever."  The moment that that happens in any context, the dealer being the addict totally loses the economic power of being a dealer.  That's where we are now as a nation.  We have promoted, sold and pushed fossil fuels internally and externally to the point where we have excluded all of our other options.  Fossil fuels are finite and while we have an amazing military to go in and take them, at some point we will lack the resources to mount the invasions that allow us to steal what we need AND end up starving and dying because we are not even remotely prepared to survive without our fossil fuel supply and industry.  

    Shit - most people in this country even in the supposedly "survivalist" parts of this country would not have a fucking clue what to do after a day of hunting if they couldn't go to MacDonald's after a day of hunting deer.

    Germany has one of the lowest potentials for solar energy return and yet they have actually been one of the most aggressive countries about installing solar alternatives.  They also don't have much oil, so their bet that the sun might rise  every day is a good one by comparison.  But the point is that the Germans have been smart and strategic which is what world history shows us is repeatedly rewarded.  America used to be smart, but now we are lazy, fat and lost without our oil derricks and fracking - even though people who know know that we are just fighting a losing battle to preserve a system that is simply not sustainable.  

    AND that doesn't even factor in the part where the fossil fuels are killing the planet.  That's just the part about the FACT that these resources are FINITE.  Finite, just to be clear, means that their availability will end - there will be NO MORE gases, oils, etc. to run your refrigerators, heating or cooling systems, your hair dryers, your microwaves, your lights, your internet, your computer, your tv, phone, or humidifiers, your cars - the freaking life that you know will be GONE.

    People are really stupid.

    I've never been as picky as you are.  I've always said that I'd be perfectly fine with solar or wind power cooling my fridge as long as it is cool - most people do not care where their power comes from as long as they have it.  The only people who do NOT want your fridge to be cooled by alternative sources from the fossil fuel sector are people who own and are captured by the fossil fuel industry.  

    Obama seems to be one of the captured - and the White House solar panels are just an acknowledgement of the potential danger of fossil fuel scarcity - not some moment of enlightenment - just as it was with Carter.  

    They would never want the White House to go dark in a crisis.  Solar power is a fucking smart solution because for the moment and for the foreseeable future the SUN WILL RISE and we can't say that the Middle East or domestic fossil fuel production will be nearly as reliable, can we?

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