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View Diary: Fossil Fuel Uncompetitive in Germany; Plants to Shut Down (255 comments)

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  •  Interestingly, Germany proves the fallacy (12+ / 0-)

    Of the "baseload" argument. I should have a link to a story that details that but can find it so will post later if I do.

    People talk about how rainy the UK is, but having lived in Berlin I can attest to the fact German summers are just as rainy.

    So with all that rain (and in the winter snow), how can they survive on an increasing amount of PV?

    One answer is peak loads occur in daylight.

    Another is power diversity split between solar and wind.

    Another is better power efficiency and conservation.

    Fact is, as Germany ramps up renewables, it is ramping down coal and nuclear and lowering it's cost in the process.

    THis is what happens when a country gets to enough critical mass in renewables that what was once "base load demand" becomes local demand and the amount of baseload power wasted by transmission declines.

    People don't believe it until they see it, I know.

    Renewables can work for both poor agrarian societies and developed industrial ones, different recipe but the same technology.

    400ppm : what about my daughter's future?

    by koNko on Mon Aug 19, 2013 at 03:09:24 AM PDT

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