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View Diary: Much To Chagrin of Paranoid, Greenwald story misleading (190 comments)

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    is a foreigner and everybody knows Brazil is much worse then we are regarding liberty and civil rights. It's an authoritarian state. If Greenwald's partner we're an American who returned Snowden's docs to the proper legal authorities and faced the consequences of aiding and abetting these traitorous conspirators then I would trust him.

    I'm sure he has been conspiring with all these unofficial  journalists,  foreign news sources, film makers, writers and editors who are trying to bring down der Homeland with their anti American propaganda. They are  radicalizing the Libertarian extremists who worship the dangerous Bill of Rights and want to leave us vulnerable to our enemies. They most certainly are not good Democratic American's.

     If they were they would realize that this will enable the RW maniacs who will indeed be worse. The dangerous pre-criminals lurking, thinking and plotting in our midst must be profiled, tracked and hunted down. Who needs these libertarian rights if they have nothing to hide and obey the secret laws. Liberty and justice is a small price to pay for the security of der Homeland.  


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