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  •  I like hot food. (5+ / 0-)

    I can eat it pretty hot, at the front end, but I try to be a little bit careful not to make myself very sorry later on. I once went on a seriously-fiery food jag in, of all places, Columbus, Ohio, because I could, and I had an extremely unpleasant trip home.

    I like all kinds of hot food, as long as I like the food to begin with, but I am allergic to sesame so I have to pay attention with Asian food in particular. The sesame allergy is not like those where someone happily eats the food unknowingly and then falls on the floor half an hour later -- sesame raises welts where it touches me, so I generally know, and if I don't know while eating it that there's a tiny bit of sesame, then it's not enough to hurt me. If I am suspicious, I patch-test food on the inside of my wrist, but usually it makes my nose itch when I smell it (odor being particulate, after all). Hot and sour soup is supposed to have sesame oil, but very rarely have I had to reject any on those grounds.

    I love cookbooks and periodically buy them, even though I have little time to cook and I recognize they're mostly food pr0n to me. Some have been useful, and I'm especially fond of some old ones: the original Moosewood and Vegetarian Epicure, Bert Greene's Greene on Greens, and Maida Heatter's chocolate desserts book, which contains a really superb chocolate-pumpkin bundt cake that I swear by.

    We've covered black-and-white, but special shout-out to The Wizard of Oz, where b&w is actually part of the narrative.

    I can more or less whistle, but lack the range to render many songs in their entirety. No idea what determines that.

    We get many bugs I don't like. Mosquitoes are my least favorite overall, because they bite me and make me miserable. I'm irrationally scared of spiders, but I know they eat insects I don't want around, such as mosquitoes (I suppose bats do more against mosquitoes, but they're a problem in the house). So spiders and I have an uneasy co-existence. Ones that stay put, like this one up in the corner of my ceiling right now, I leave alone, but those that run around cannot stay. If we could agree that they would never approach me, we'd be fine, but they do not negotiate. Spiders! If I see you in motion, you're outta here, so stay where I cannot see you, is my advice.

    Interesting that Gene Roddenberry and two STNG cast members were born on this date. I don't hold with astrology, however. Both my ex-husband and Robert Plant were born tomorrow, same year, and if there were ever two people that had nothing in common...

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