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View Diary: GOP: "Blatant Attempt by Obama to Provide Hi Speed Internet Has Founding Fathers Turning in Graves" (158 comments)

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  •  why can't we leave the red states behind? (1+ / 0-)
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    Heavy Mettle

    Who says we have to carry them?  Why can't we leave the red parts of blue states behind?  Let states, counties, and cities who are interested in building a 21st Century infrastructure do it, and those who want to go back to 1776 when we supposedly had our heads on straight can do that.

    Stop pushing for national solutions when half the nation doesn't want them.  Duh!  Texas is replacing asphalt roads with gravel, Michigan is turning off its streetlights, tribesmen in northern Nigeria are killing polio vaccine workers ... their priorities (low taxes, minimal regulation, avoiding cultural contamination, etc.) are different from ours and that's their right and it's our duty to respect that.

    Besides, I really don't care what happens to these people.

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