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  •  Well since Walmart may be reading this then (6+ / 0-)

    how about this Walmart have your beancounters look at how much you and all other non-insurance non-Big Pharma would save and be added to your bottom line and employees paychecks if you demanded a Government run government funded Healthcare System like lower payments into Workers Comp,lower premiums for all kinds of insurance since the need for Medical Coverage would be gone and this goes for Property and Auto/Trucking Insurance(and the same goes for Homeowners insurance and Auto Insurance for everyone else also) and well the list of the ramifications of removing Medical Cost by the individual would show up immediately by eliminating the need to spend money for out-of-pocket medical and instead spend it on buying something you and others sell like last winter we was going to buy a 200 dollar item from a store but one of us got a bad cough that just wouldn't clear up and so finally went to a walk in clinic and even with insurance was out around $300 not counting the medicine co-pay for a mild case of they said was pneumonia so not only didn't we buy the item but was out another 100+ dollars for spending elsewhere now multiply even a relatively small Er-type bill like this by the huge number of other people who every year have to spend on medical instead of products you sell and well that's why I said to put your beancounters to work on it.

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