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    I guess I had more money than I thought I had.  

    Thanks for the interesting dialogue.  It's difficult to argue for Wal Mart, in a holistic sense.  You can argue that some people who shop at Wal Mart are able to save some money.  You would run into a difficult argument if you tried to say that somehow a WalMart is generally a good thing for most areas in America.  It depresses wages, it kills local business, it saps the local tax base.  

    It's just sad that people feel they can't argue against Wal Mart, but also recognize that some people are currently in a position which forces them into a very limited cost and location for shopping.  

    I just can't imagine how you can argue that those people are somehow better off because the Wal Mart is there.  It's a store.  If it didn't exist, another store would be there to meet the demand.  


    by otto on Wed Aug 21, 2013 at 04:41:56 PM PDT

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