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  •  I disagree as I liked this book a lot.... (2+ / 0-)
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    caul, kyril

    The 3 main characters are African, Mayan and Muslim... Kinda odd for a guy whose gone off the racial deep end. The person who figured out the past was messed with wasn't special at all. She just happened to grew up in the Pastwatch program and figured out ways to manipulate the machines. The characters are smart but so are most people who work in such a program, normal scientists.

    They come to the conclusion that a European dominated society or the hypothetical Native American dominated society both end in disaster but for different reasons and try to set a course where both end up winning by cooperation.

    I found it fairly brilliant that some white person didn't come save the day. In fact, the vast majority of white people in the novel (Columbus's crew) were the villains. Even Columbus was portrayed as far from saintly but he learns the error of his ways and marries the African woman.

    As for Ender's Game. I liked the book as well but not as much as Bean's version of events in Ender's Shadow. I won't go see the movie because I think it's going to suck compared to the book, like most adaptations and especially because OSC is plain friggin loco. I'll rip the torrent, watch and delete.

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