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  •  I am less interested in men calling (11+ / 0-)

    themselves feminists than seeing them act that way. I can call myself anything I want that flatters my ego and ask for congratulations but in the end I will be judged by how I act toward others. I can think of many men I have crossed paths with at work/friends/whatever who probably were feminist but did not want to call themselves as such which I can understand especially since most women are reluctant to embrace the term in whatever form is most comfortable. I have also had plenty of experiences with men who called themselves feminists who engaged in Schwyzer like behavior which was why I always disliked him.

    I think mainstream feminism still has an issue with WOC that is unresolved and smells like gentrified racism and despite being called out on it numerous times seems to always justify and explain and do all kinds of intellectual gymnastics to elaborate on why they should still be considered exclusive. Even though I identify as a feminist as an individual, I have never been 100% comfortable  associating too closely with a specific group within it because of that and what I see as the tendency of many feminist bloggers and spokespersons to barf out sociologically constricted language that requires somebody to have read the dictionary before participating. But I speak for myself only. The issue of how many men call themselves feminist is really a peripheral one, for me.

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