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View Diary: McDonnell throws wife beneath proverbial bus (132 comments)

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  •  And a separate wing for the corrupt politicians (4+ / 0-)

    with visiting hours for the spouses that got screwed by them so they can come and, out of sight of the cameras, give them what-for on an ongoing basis for years.  Baskets of over-ripe tomatoes and rotten fruit at the ready.

    Not that their husbands served time, but paging Mrs. David Vitter, Mrs. Mark Sanford, Mrs. Anthony Wiener, Mrs. Eliot Spitzer, Mrs. John Ensign, Mrs. Hillary Clinton (though I think she's made peace with Bill), and in a special category Princess Diana and Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards, may they rest in peace.  There are plenty more whose politician husbands were cuckolds, and made plenty of embarrassment for them, but these were just at the tip of my brain.

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