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View Diary: Liberal Protestantism has won? (166 comments)

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    really have to object to your characterization of secularist attitudes towards mainline Protestants here.  Nothing you say reflects my attitudes towards them at all.  My SOLE gripe with MP's is that they speak of conservative Christianity as if we're some sort of fringe minority when, in fact they're the majority AND MPs are a VANISHINGLY SMALL minority.  We're talking the 4% range if Pew is to be believed.  If we have to have religion I wish we had MORE MPs.

    I do think your history of the Enlightenment through which the values you discuss we're founded is bizarre and deeply inaccurate historically.  Europe was hell on earth as a result of religious warfare that came out of the Reformation.  In many ways, the Enlightenment was a reaction to the brutality and rivers of blood that ran from that religious warfare and persecution perpetrated by both Protestants and Catholics.  It's not that Christianity originated these values-- Enlightenment thinkers were most heavily influenced by per-Christoan Greco-roman thought --but that Christianity later came to adopt these values after coming to it's senses in the face of the horror it had wrought.  Spinoza, Diderot, Hume, Voiltaire, D'alambert, Hume, Rousseau, etc were not Protestant culture warriors by any stretch of their imagination and their arguments were in no way based on appeals to the revelation of scripture.

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