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  •  Yep, I remember the sig line (4+ / 0-)

         you were using when I first signed up too.

    The free market is not the solution, the free market is the problem.

    by Azazello on Mon Aug 19, 2013 at 01:46:15 PM PDT

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    •  Ahh yes, Michel Marizco's old blog, one of the (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Empty Vessel, Senor Unoball, Azazello

      best sources for the real scoop about the border.....

      Unfortunately for us (not him) he got a gig with a PBS station to work their Border desk and his blog has been mostly abandoned....

      I see an occasional story pop up but not often and his PBS gig was never even close to the blog....the real chismes came from the comments there....he had a great and very varied group, everything from cops to narcotraficantes to coyotes to......

      Here's a list of info sources from his blog, The Border Reporter

      Some are out of date but there might be a few still working....Migra Matters, Duke's blog (an old time kossak) is still listed but it looks like it hasn't been updated since 2010...

      Looks like he's still writing at  But that has always been a weak tea version of his blog and there isn't a single comment on his last story back on the 9th....

      It's a shame as he had some damn good sources in the comments.

      Vaya con Dios Don Alejo
      I want to die a slave to principles. Not to men.
      Emiliano Zapata

      by buddabelly on Mon Aug 19, 2013 at 02:38:32 PM PDT

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