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  •  One, two. (0+ / 0-)

    One, your diary was not asserting that it's simply an issue of "we should do more R&D on this instead of going straight to it".  Your diary was asserting that it'sa  bogus concept full of holes and that Musk had ulterior motives for proposing it.  Which I found absurd, and hence the response.  If your diary had been arguing simply, "The timeframe on HSR is shorter than that on Hyperloop", you would have gotten little contest from me.

    Two, you write:

    Elon Musk is making an argument that is full of holes when he sets up his cost projections as a fair comparison to the California HSR budget
    [Citation needed].  The whole point of this diary was to debunk your previous claims along those lines.  And more to the point, if you want to point out weaknesses in Hyperloop, it's more than fair to do the same for HSR.

    Já þýðir já. Nei þýðir nei. Hvað er svona erfitt við það?

    by Rei on Tue Aug 20, 2013 at 01:14:46 AM PDT

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    •  That's a lie. (2+ / 0-)
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      My diary asserts  that its a bogus cost estimate and its bogus to present it as an adequate plug and play replacement for the California HSR system.

      My diary nowhere says that the concept is bogus. You are just making that up. I actually quite like the concept.

      Bear in mind that regarding a Hyperloop from LA to Vegas I said:

      ... my second remark about Hyperloop was actually a tweet:

      At the time I hadn't seen the branch layout route map.

      But, yes, you could run a hyperloop from somewhere in Riverside to Vegas and if it follows the same rail corridor alignment as the proposed electric Rapid Rail route, it wouldn't have nearly so many bends to create the barf train effect.

      And the Las Vegas anchor could be the Riverside HSR station.

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      by BruceMcF on Tue Aug 20, 2013 at 12:39:18 PM PDT

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