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  •  You don't have ... (0+ / 0-)

    ... any backing for the claim that I wrote "a bunch of factually inaccruate" things about the proposal.

    You rather have:

    (1) A bunch of "A Says on The Tin" complaints for critiques that what it says on the tin do not check out

    (2) "The proposal could be changed to account for this" responses for critiques of what the proposal says which you can't dismiss, and,

    (3) A boatload of suppositions and guesswork about the technical characteristics of HSR. Hell, you even confess below that your comparison of the weight of HSR trains to Hyperloop vehicles is based on no idea what the actual weight of an HSR train is. When the actual comparison for a viadict is the weight of the heavier Hyperloop Tube plus lighter Hyperloop vehicle to the weight of the heavier HSR trains and lighter HSR support infrastructure.

    It is obvious that the passenger+car version of the Hyperloop has a tube that is at least as heavy as an HSR train. Yet the cost of those pylons is dramatically cheaper than the cost of actual, real world pylons built to support HSR trains.

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