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    For the Republicans, I surmise it's partially a "damned if you / damned if you don't" proposition. On the one hand, the fact that so many of their governors elicit a response of "...Who?" is probably a mitigating factor insomuch as they can probably tap someone who does not exhibit the "Insane Factor" the way a lot of the firebreathers who are in, or have run for, Senate have done before. I'm not going to say that any of the GOP Gov's are "Good" because if they have an R next to their name, well, we're not exactly on their side...but if they picked someone who was relatively vanilla or at least politically astute enough to not try to outdo Palin on the insanity scale...that person might have some credibility to the coveted "swing" voters that someone like Cruz or Paul won't have.

    Of course, the flip side to this premise is that if they DO pull someone out of the hat who can at least pretend to be reasonable...the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, intellectually-challenged crowd - better known as Republican Primary Voters - won't really be interested in them.

    On the Democratic side, it's such that most of the ones who have a higher profile (See: Cuomo, Andrew) are not going to be embraced by the Democratic Primary Voters because we're not interested in, as I saw someone say above, "Governor 1%". Or Governor "Make Nice With Everyone" as Hickenlooper seemed to be branded.

    If I had to pick a Democratic Governor to run, automatically I think it'd be Martin O'Malley. He seems to be on the right side of the issues and seems like he is capable of being a good orator given the chance. Perfect? No, but I doubt we're going to get a perfect candidate in 2016.

    Of course, Hillary trashing the everloving crap out of ANY GOPer would make for a very nice situation, even if she herself isn't without flaws.

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