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  •  Esophageal cancer has resulted... (10+ / 0-)

    in a completely changed eating pattern.

    Mr. ICanDoThis is a 3 yr esophageal cancer survivor; he lost his entire esophagus and his stomach is up behind his lungs. This has meant that our entire eating pattern has had to change - his food intake is limited like those of a person who has had bariatric surgery (e.g., if he overeats, his body dumps the entire contents of his stomach), and he has developed lactose intolerance.
    This saves us a lot of money when we go out to eat - he cannot eat a restaurant portion - so he and I will go out a split 1 order -- healthy for both of us. But, there are times when "eyes bigger than stomach" causes misery and discomfort.

    I am, on the other hand, a breast cancer survivor. The only thing that seems to be affected long term (I had a lumpectomy) is the lymph nodes under my arm. When I lift weights, the muscles attached to the chest wall complain, and have from the beginning, but it's no big deal.
    The only long term issue that I have to deal with is when I have anesthesia - which I have had twice this year. I have to ask the nurses how they want to handle blood pressure cuffs and IVs, and find that almost all have different answers - although none of them have a problem with my protecting the lymph nodes.

    Would be interested how others handle these types of physical changes

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