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View Diary: Should New York State Require Frackers to Buy Watershed Insurance? (78 comments)

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    "They'll hate the idea." doubtful.

    Often Energy companies are more than willing to pay a premium to make environmentalists "shut up".

    As an example of this, Canadian oil groups have supported the idea of a carbon tax on oil sands just for the prospect of removing carbon emissions as a political road block for importation to the US.

    Dont get me wrong the oil groups are shrewd and cut-throat negotiators but they will come to the table with environmentalists, if the environmentalists get their act together and negotiate in a concrete verifiable manner.

    Right now
    You cant negotiate with a group whos only goal is to destroy you,

    You can negotiate with a group who's goal is to establish a fair, quantifiable set of liabilities if you fuck up.    

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