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View Diary: Campaign for paid internships sets its sights on the White House (40 comments)

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    a gilas girl

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    As someone recently out of college, my unpaid internships were invaluable, and can be traced to my ability to  garner a job with career potential (and then a career) right out of college (I graduated in 2007)...I worked for a non for profit that did not have the funds to pay me. What they did have was a wealth of opportunities to learn how to work in an office environment and to refine my skill sets, and the desire to teach me so that I could excel elsewhere.  

    I strongly believe that this internship (and the others that followed) made me more competitive then my competition, and gave me a network of valuable references.

    I paid for college in private and public loans alone so its not that I am not sympathetic to the argument made above (my family did not have the money to assist), but the money earned from minimum wage really would not have effected the amount of loans I had to take in at the end of the day, and may have had a negative impact by adding expectations from the company expecting more benefits from my output in return for their money.

    •  Thanks for coming out of the woodwork (0+ / 0-)

      and sharing this experience!  I agree that there is/can be enormous value in an unpaid internship, but both the student and the internship supervisor need to ensure that the companies/work sites aren't simply taking advantage and trying to score some free labor...

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      by a gilas girl on Tue Aug 20, 2013 at 03:48:32 PM PDT

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