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View Diary: Gov. Paul LePage tells fellow Republicans: Obama 'hates white people' (142 comments)

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  •  Their failure to be elected would be comforting... (0+ / 0-)

    ...because as much as the Democrats' policies are preferable 'time and chance happen to all', and so even if we were right all the time (which seems unlikely), some sets of policies will require long enough shake-downs that people get impatient, and bad luck can happen to anyone, even to good people who've tried their hardest (one reason I'm a liberal). And because we're human, a certain number of Democrats will turn out to be personally corrupt or abusive or just untoward (the Danger of Carlos), in which case some toxic Republicans will beat them and we shouldn't expect otherwise.

    And since they might in office do damage that's hard or impossible to fix later (see: mental health 'reforms', welfare 'reform', encouraging CO2) and because entire generations can have their voting patterns set in stone by early experiences, this means that we have an interest in the Republican Party's not becoming completely toxic...but they seem to be heading that way....

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