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View Diary: Follow up too "In the scheme of things, what really matters?" (12 comments)

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  •  If somebody cannot understand the (1+ / 0-)
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    difference between malicious and context then the onus is on you, not the reader.

    I have no superpowers, I cannot threaten.

    No. You should not have used less slurs, you should have used no/zero/nada. Don't use them here, ever. You will piss people off. The problem is not them. The problem is you. You are not listening. People got it they found it offensive. Don't do it. Was there even one comment that suggested they approved or agreed? No. No because they did not like the language. If you write a diary and absolutely everybody tells you to not say something, tells you to apologize, tells you that you are wrong headed in your approach that is generally a clue to listen. Work on your listening skills. When one or two people disagree that is just disagreement.

    I am actually trying to help but I think I am wasting my time.

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