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View Diary: I Am Really Going to Miss My Almost Son-in-law. (20 comments)

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    prefaced with 'seek in-person professional care for this young man'.

    But I am a family doc with almost 30 years of experience and care for many kids & adults with ADHD, and one of my partners is an expert in substance abuse care. I just see far too many adolescents and young adults with notional ADHD who are on two or three prescription meds, and marijuana and alcohol and the occasional other recreational drug, mostly because docs are too skittish to confront the issue and ask the question.

    The PA I work with just ran into this within the week; a college student asked her for a refill on his stimulant med, and she cheerfully responded "Sure, but we'll need a urine sample to make sure it's all you're taking". He promptly began backpedaling and conceded that he'd test positive for THC at least. If we go ahead and prescribe another drug for this man, in our state the Department of Health can come and yank our license for gross negligence for doing so.

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