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  •  Welcome to Daily Kos (6+ / 0-)
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    Generally, you might find it helpful to just take some time to get used to the place.  It's a very very large community.  There are all kinds of people here; and many of them are extraordinarily kind, helpful, sharing, compassionate, and loving.  There are also many people here who are extraordinarily knowledgeable about certain subjects.

    After spending some time here you will probably start to get a feel for who you find to be valuable resources, whose writing you enjoy, whose opinions are worth reading and considering even when you don't agree, and who you are comfortable sharing with.

    And you'll also start to get a feel for who is probably not worth your time getting into discussions with, and the types of discussion threads that aren't your cup of tea.

    The NSA issue is quite divisive.  There are many people on all sides of the issue who have perspectives and points worthy of consideration.  On an issue like this, patience, tolerance, respect, and understanding can be helpful.

    It is, in my view, through working together, rather than against each other, that progress is made; progress for social, economic, and environmental justice.

    So read, consider, contribute.  But underlying it all is community.  We are here to help build a better world for everyone.

    Welcome, and enjoy.

    Love one another

    by davehouck on Tue Aug 20, 2013 at 07:03:32 PM PDT

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