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View Diary: New to Dailykos and got called a fascist (59 comments)

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    Seriously, this is the Information Superhighway, not the Information Tot-Lot.

    There are places I decline to spend my time (FiredogLake w/o TBogg, for instance), because I can't be bothered with the purity trolling.

    I don't know that I've been called a fascist at DKos (yet), but I've been called worse back in my usenet alt.slack v alt.scientology days, or in my v Stormfront trolling sprees.  I know that I have been called a fucking elitist, and well, they can still feel free to bend down and kiss my shiny metal ass.

    I won't read every diary; day is too short and WarriorGirl is too demanding.  I scan the right column for interesting subjects or diarists, until I run out of time.

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