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View Diary: NYC Mayor: Christine Quinn Doubles Down On Attacking Bill de Blasio (D) (12 comments)

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  •  i disagree with this (0+ / 0-)

    1>  she does talk about 'big issues' but she tends to talk about what she would do about them rather than just offer up general political rhetoric.  it might be less inspiring than what some of the other candidates say, but frankly, i think it's more informative.

    2>  i think feeling 'entitled to being new york mayor' is actually a positive quality.  this is a big, sharp-elbowed town and it seems to me that the mayors who are most effective are those with enormous egos and canny instincts who don't allow themselves to be rolled by the vast array of powerful interests trying to score.  while i appreciate a lot of de blasio's rhetoric about inequality, i worry that he is too easy-going to deliver on the changes he is promising.  progressives are always a target-- is de blasio tough enough and savvy enough to not get obliterated by wall st/the developers/etc???

    •  I'm evaluating things on facial expressions (1+ / 0-)
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      I'm not suggesting Quinn doesn't care but if you're going to talk about big issues, start talking about it in a manner that is down to earth, rather than the cookie cutter approach.

      Re: candidates who have Quinn-related facial expressions:  I see candidates who are like this.  Paul Ryan, when he was Mitt Romney's running mate, had a grin like Christine Quinn.  It's very disturbing in my view.  Why not just be serious and cut out with this crap?  

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