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  •  My AT&T story is similarly disquieting… (12+ / 0-)

    …but I don't think I'm up to typing the whole thing out. I'll just tease you by reporting that one (just one, of many) aspect involved their insistence on sending a new password to get on the website I had set up for my 94 year old mother, who at the time was 1000 miles away, to her phone. Even after we had a three way connection with the CS rep, my mother, and me. No other way to do it, they insisted—security procedure.

    It finally got resolved, but it involved hours (literally) on the phone, at least four different reps/supervisors, a visit to the local AT&T center, two reps there, plus their contacting two more reps.

    I feel your pain.

    Incidentally, a line noise issue a few weeks later on my POTS got fixed pretty painlessly, although in not at all satisfactory timeframe. The tech on site was a joy to talk to. It's generally not the techs in the field—it's a corporate culture in a third world.

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    by exatc on Wed Aug 21, 2013 at 07:34:48 PM PDT

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