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  •  AT&T Have Totally Lost Their Way (3+ / 0-)
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    kurt, Nowhere Man, normcash

    You don't say where you moved to, but I nevertheless highly recommend these guys:

    I'm lucky enough to have them here on the San Francisco Peninsula.  Their Fusion service is combined ADSL plus POTS.  Not VOIP.  POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service).  That means all your existing wiring and phones will continue to work. And all domestic voice calls are effectively free.

    Their customer service people are here in the US, answer the phone quickly, and will stay with you until the problem is resolved.  Even if you have a wacky configuration request ("Yes, I have my own gateway at home, and I'd like to configure my modem as a dumb bridge."  "No problem, sir; let me walk you through the settings...").

    Sonic are also one of the few ISPs who've gotten fed up with the ILECs foot-dragging and are pulling their own fiber connections to customers' homes.  I can't wait for the day they light up my neighborhood.

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