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View Diary: This Is NOT A GBCW Diary (89 comments)

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  •  I don't recall having any interaction with you (6+ / 0-)

    but I do recognize you as someone who is personable and open.

    I get the impression that some people spend hours upon hours here each day and instead of disagreeing with someone, they just jump down people's throats time after time after time.

    Don't know why it's allowed. But it definitely is.

    Feeling like you're getting run off a liberal blog isn't something anyone here should be proud of. But the excuse is - we like to see new people. Yet the rude ones never leave.

    And some of the hall monitors are the rudest of all.

    Best of luck to you. It's not worth the hurt you feel if the powers that be don't care.

    Cliques spend too much time patting each other on the back and smacking down those that disagree with them.

    Just like any "nice" suburban neighborhood anywhere in the USA.

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