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    The "community moderation" has been moving to Admin moderation. The problem then is the squeeky wheels get the grease.

    Markos has written that he is more interested in the mechanics of the site operation rather than politics itself. Many of his points of view have begun to diverge from my own; all the while he holds the "this is MY website" over his loyal readers' heads.

    I've been reading and interacting on Daily Kos since late June 2002. I was hooked up via Teagan Goddard and Josh Marshall. Josh suggested checking out this new blog. Back then I agreed wholeheartedly with Markos' POV and his musings. Now, not so much.

    I too took a break from dkos and searched the web for an alternative; what I found is the independent contributions to dkos is what has kept this blog the one to go to for current information. For that, I praise Markos and Daily Kos.

    The administrators, instead of nit picking "don"t be a dick" and their perceived rudeness of such a motley crew, should be "politi-facting" the stuff that gets posted here in order to support the blog's integrity and "this is a reality based community" idea. Not to stifle truth, but to embrace reality. And "shills", paid or otherwise, should be made to disclose their association, just like we've demanded of the pundits on TV.

    Yesterday, a guy from Walmart posted a comment under the user ID "Walmart", fully disclosed who he was and was IMMEDIATLEY BANNED! That decision was quickly reversed, but being banned for who they are, Really?

    P.S. webranding, I'll wager that you won't/can"t stay away. Unfortunately, this comment of mine will probably get ME run off! Hah!

    PPS Regarding those impersonal "red notices"; They Suck. It's akin to bullying by the boss. Sure, virtually anyone can sign up and post here; but don't treat your loyal contributors like shit. Hah! "Admins: Don't be a Dick". The Administrators and Owners of this site owe their success to the readers/"members" of this blog. Without us, this wonderful experiment in democratic interaction (Daily Kos) may very well collapse.


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    by ROGNM on Thu Aug 22, 2013 at 06:48:25 AM PDT

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