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View Diary: Pfc. Manning Statement Re: Gender Identity on Today Show (137 comments)

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  •  I dont go by your idea of a social construct. (0+ / 0-)
    The physical nature of whether someone has a penis or vagina matters, really, when?
    So what does it matter if some of us like to us the physical nature to define gender. No one is forcing you to change your mind if you go by the mental identification of the person as to what gender one is.

    Just because I am on DKOS doesnt mean I agree 100% with everything we determined is beyond debate. I still think being transgendered is a mental defect. Sure, it is not a bad thing. but if you are born with a physical body that contradicts what you feel mentally, it is either a mental defect or a physical defenct. Transgenders go with the phsyical defect theory and try to fix it with surgery. That's fine and more power to them if that's the route they seek.

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