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  •  With a picture this time: Dream 9 activists (7+ / 0-)

    A group of brave undocumented students that risked their futures to bring about change on immigration reform.
    They purposefully crossed into Mexico to demonstrate the need to move on reform.

    MADDOW: That is video from the National Immigrant Youth Alliance, made while Lulu was in Mexico preparing to make the trip back to the border to try to come back to the U.S. to demonstrate, to make the case that as a lifelong American, she ought to be able to come home, and our country`s  policies ought to be reformed to make that possible.
    Rachel starts her presentation with a movie clip that shows the use of the discharge petition; a way for Dems in congress to bypass Boehner who is refusing to bring the Senate bill to the floor of the house.
    Dems would only need 17 republicans to get it done. And for Dems to get down to it for real

     Link to video:

    For the back story that led up to this. What has been going on outside Washington @ link:
    These three kids went to Nogales. The kids in Nogales, Arizona, on
    this side of the border, and their moms to Nogales, Mexico, on the other
    side of the border. They road tripped and agreed to meet at the fence.

    These kids who had not seen their moms in years got to see their mothers
    finally through the barrier of the border fence. Just very emotional,
    moving demonstration.

    It was after this meeting at the border, only able to reach through the border fence to briefly touch hands and embrace their loved ones that the plan was hatched.

    Some immigration reform activists were  leery of the Dream 9’s  approach  

    But others saw how important is was and list the reasons why at this link

    It’s a lovely story of courage imo and it worked.
    After a  2 week detention Eloy Detention Center in Arizona.the student activists were released.
    Lulu Martinez, one of the activists is interviewed by Rachel Maddow in the video.

    – Kudos to these young Americans

    For more on the National Immigrant Youth Alliance

    Thx MB

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