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View Diary: Republicans decide they need a poll to find out whether a shutdown would be a political disaster (50 comments)

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  •  True, but if you are talking (3+ / 0-)

    about corporate America, I dont think GOP cares much what they think anymore.

    If they did we would probably have comprehensive immigration reform and a budget deal by now.

    House GOP is in a weaker place now than they were in 2011, and given the memories of what happened then, hopefully, it's enough to prevent a repeat.

    What I think is really going to need to happen to avoid problems, even though many on both sides wont like it, is that WH and this group of GOP senators they are negotiating with are going to have to come to some deal.

    I think if they do, that deal probably gets enacted. I think that will be the deal that the House will have to vote on right at the deadline.

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