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  •  Recycled from last week, (12+ / 0-)

    when Persimma successfully defeated the Guardian Dire Fog,  Or did she?

    “Watch out!” Bunny Nesbit hissed.  “It’s starting to take form. It’s gonna attack!”

    “Lay off, foul foe,” Persimma muttered.  She unwound some braided garlic and a bandolier of silver bullets from the mass of magical implements inside the Dufflebag.  

    “Ah.  Here we are.  Lucky we recharged the Beneficent Batteries at the Station of Perverse Power yesterday.”
    The Guardian Fog screeched and moaned and wound itself into knots, but the WiseCraftVac inhaled it in seconds and consumed the cauliflower smell for dessert.

    They dropped into the Swamp of the Least Grebe with a ripe, gooey splash and lay there for a while.  Dawn unrolled around them amidst the earliest pipe of half-awakened mosquitoes.

    “So,” Bunny Nesbit said at length.  “The Dire Fog wasn’t actually the Guardian we were looking for.”

    “Guess not,” Persimma said.  She pulled the Dufflebag from the grip of some carnivorous muck.  “You okay?”

    “Once I get the slime out of my ears.  Shoulda known Dire Fog can’t generate a cauliflower smell that strong.”

    They sat on a rotted stump.  Persimma chipped off bits of phosphorescent bark and flicked them in the direction of the Tower, just visible in the distance through the miasma and between some crags.

    “I never saw an animated cruciform with such a good arm,” Bunny Nesbit says.  “Musta been on steroids.  What do we do now?  Okay, okay, I know.  Let’s get slogging.”

    They headed back toward the quest.

    “There’s a garden supply hut right before we get to the Tower,” Persimma said.  “What hoe!”

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