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    Thanks for the kind word, Sensible.  Last week's post actually wound up much less organized and much more disjointed than I intended; still coming up with the exercises was fun.  I haven't used Ukulele Bob in ages.

    Now on to Cal and Murray:

    "I thought we left her back at the tavern," Murray said.

    "We did."

    And yet, there before them stood Diedrie, chained by her wrists to the wall of a torch-lit alcove and bedecked with flowers.  She looked at Cal with imploring eyes.

    "What are you doing here, Diedrie?" Cal said replacing his sword in its sheath.

    "Mm, mm-mm mmn," Diedrie said, her lips firmly clamped together.  She nodded at her bound wrists.

    "Could she be one of her mother's illusions?  or, I dunno..." Murray paused, as if afraid the suggestion would sound doofy. "... under an enchantment?"

    Diedrie grimmaced helplessly and rolled her eyes upward.

    "Not exactly," Cal interpreted.  "Listen, Diedrie, is this some kind of faerie prank..."

    "Mm MM-hm-hmm!" Diedrie insisted, shaking her head emphatically and then nodding again in the direction of her bonds.

    Murray came closer to examine her. "She's not even manacled!  Someone just wrapped a chain of flowers around her wrists."

    "Aw fer the love of Crumb!  We don't have time for this!  Murray, get her down."  Cal turned to direct his attention to the heavy wooden door adjacent to the alcove.

    "NO!" Diedrie burst out.  "You have to do it, Cal!"  Then she winced and gave an anguished whine.  "Oh... piddle!"

    From all around the room, Cal heard a mocking laughter; the voice of Diedrie's mother, the Sorceress Maldeve.

    "Mother promised that she wouldn't kill you, but only if you proved that you loved me by rescuing me.  And I wasn't allowed to speak to tell you." Diedrie was starting to grow transparent, as if she were fading away.


    "But now it's too late!"

    "But I do love you!" Cal shouted, rushing to the alcove.

    She was gone.  The flowers hung limply from the alcove wall.  Only the echo of her words, "Too late!" remained, and the sound of Maldeve's laughter.

    Murray gripped his staff.  "What now?"

    Cal slammed his fist against the alcove's stone wall, then looked to his companion grimly.  "Now we rescue Diedrie.  Before her mother kills us."

    And again, as usual, I will mention my urban fantasy, Dark Redemption.  Say hi to Strephon.

    Read my webcomic, "Hannibal Tesla Adventure Magazine" at

    by quarkstomper on Thu Aug 22, 2013 at 06:32:37 PM PDT

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