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View Diary: Fox News bravely exposes President Obama's blatant support for murdering white people (114 comments)

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  •  This is an example of Racial Harmony.... (6+ / 0-)

        Two black kids and a white kid go off together to murder someone for fun.

         I don't know about you.. but when I go out to murder someone for fun, I bring along only my most trusted friends.  Apparently the three trusted each other.

         Yes, there were some racist tweets.. but to admit that even a few members of (race #1) can be trusted by (race #2) shows the progress we have made in race relations.   After all, its not like the KKK had a black auxiliary that helped out with the lynchings...

    snark off

    •  Exactly! (0+ / 0-)

      Just as the OJ trial showed that a black man with money and a white man with money have an equal chance to get away with murder.  Therefore we now have GREEN supremacy.

      As far as this case is concerned, it is NOTHING like the Martin-Zimmerman incident.  These three assailants WERE arrested by the police, according to law, and there is no apparent reason to expect them not to proceed to do their lawful duty (at least in this case, there is no doubt as to the facts of the crime; if there had been, there might have been a CHANCE that they would not do ALL their duty because of racial factors).  Race would NOT be a factor in the operation of the justice system in this case, so there is NO NEED for either "liberal agitators" or the President to offer an opinion, other than the exceptionally tragic nature of the crime.

      In the Martin/Zimmerman case, we have a death only PARTIALLY witnessed (sounds, 911 call, etc) by anyone other than the shooter and the victim, in which the shooter REPORTED the shooting to the police, who, as the initial protestors asserted, SEEMED to be ready to send the shooter home, having accepted the shooter's self defense story at face value with no investigation.

      The protest in the Martin/Zimmerman case was NOT to the effect that Zimmerman was SURELY a murderer, just that more investigation was needed to VERIFY a self defense claim.  The protest was that the police were planning to IGNORE any possibility that Zimmerman was not acting in self defense, and this is exactly how the old Jim Crow justice worked.  It also seems to be the way Fox News justice works: any black man who is shot and killed MUST have been a criminal, and the white shooter MUST have been provoked into self defense, end of story, no police work or trial needed.

      And, by the time there WAS an official action, in RESPONSE to the protests, it was insufficient and too late to get all the relevant evidence.  Therefore, Zimmerman COULD have gotten away with murder, and there is no way for the law to be sure, so in accordance with the law, he was found not guilty.  It is too late for the public to know (unless 20 years from now he publishes a memoir in which he brags about fooling the jury), and too late for the law to operate properly in THIS case.

      But it is NOT too late to look at why we HAVE cases like this, and how the police and court system SHOULD handle them in the future.  That is the point of the pre-trial and post-trial protests.

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