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View Diary: Fox News bravely exposes President Obama's blatant support for murdering white people (114 comments)

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    The problems are obvious with the effort by these FOX employees.  They work hard to out do one another when it comes to the prevailing source of all FOX segments.

    Get the Negro any way any how.  Doesn't need to hold up to scrutiny.

    The most bothersome aspect of this nonsense, someone at FOX gave these dim bulbs the go ahead.

    This is not news.  It's instigation and agitation.  They need a weekly Obama Hating Tale to keep the decent Americans who have been seduced by the siren call of misstatements, half truths, and outright lies, watching FOX.  We can thank FOX for the following:

    Sarah Palin
    The Teahadist Party
    Ted Cruz
    Michele Bachmann
    Mike Huckabee
    Obama's a racist
    Obama's a Muslim
    Obama is foreign born
    Obamacare is the worst human ever.

    Where in this list do we find anything that has contributed to the advancement of American life?

    This is all plain as day message sending.  Sending to an unsuspecting audience who believe everything FOX does and says.  FOX's audience: The most misinformed news watchers in the USA. This schtick is perfect for them.  Full of lies and poor reporting.  What a pathetic job these shameless reporters have.  There is one clear purpose for this story, get the Negro at all costs.

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