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View Diary: Fox News bravely exposes President Obama's blatant support for murdering white people (114 comments)

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  •  This is blantantly false and misleading article... (0+ / 1-)
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    First off, despite the constant drumbeat by the left.....conservatives do NOT hate blacks or any other minority for that matter.  Conservative seek to help minorities and everyone become less dependent on government.......somehow this translates to "hate" in  the simplistic minds of Progressive/Liberals.

    But I digress......the non-respnse of the race hustlers, President adn MSM to the Chris Lane shooting IS true hypocracy....especially coming on the heels of the Zimmemanr/Martin fiasco.  This case was protrayed as some kind of hate crime when there was NO eveidence ever presented to suggest that.

    The Lane case.....we already have quotes by the black triggermen that the have no love lost for whites.

    This whole thing reeks of hypocracy.

    •  Show me where on the doll it was that (0+ / 0-)

      Sean Hannity touched you....

    •  Speaking of reeking of Hypocracy... (0+ / 0-)

      ...even giving you the benefit of the doubt when you issue blanket statements such "conservatives do NOT..." or "conservatives seek...", how do you reconcile that with the actions of your chosen representatives, who strive (for example) to suppress the minority vote, and roll back civil rights?

      I'll grant that there may be SOME conservatives who don't openly express their disdain for those of non-alabaster skin, but your characterization of conservatives as "seek(ing) to help" anyone other than the eight-figures-a-year-or-above set rings rather hollow, in light of the con artists your side keeps voting for.

      Oh? Conservatives "seek to help" minorities get off the government teat, do they?

      Say I take a sledge hammer to some guy's knees, crippling him for life. A couple years later I see him hobbling down the street on crutches, so I kick the crutches out from under him, then go and burn down the local crutch factory. Would it be accurate to say I'm just "seeking to help" him walk on his own?

      You know what DOES translate to "hate"? Ignorance, harnessed by tribalism, in service of oligarchy.

      Apparently, THAT is what "conservatives seek".  Given the evidence, it's hard to conclude otherwise.

      "Constant (@#$%ing) drumbeat, indeed!

      •  Good analogy! (0+ / 0-)

        I have commented many times before that the people who are "addicted" to government help (and get very little from private charity, because the charities are financially strapped and/or embezzled by their fund raisers, AND get most of their donations from people not much better off than the people they try to help) can be compared to diabetics.  Conservatives want to make diabetics more "self reliant" and less "dependent" on insulin by withholding the insulin!  That does not make them less "dependent," it makes them DEAD!

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