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  •  I literally have this bike against a side wall (5+ / 0-)

    between my computer and a small desk. Even though it's portable  I ride in place, so to speak.  Then I put on my distance glasses so as to see the tv, doncha know and put on my headset which is connected to the tv. FYI,  the model is called stamina 1300 magnetic upright exercise bike - don't know if mentioning brands is ok, but there you go. I too tried first a very used x-country machine, then a used  treadmill. Both too big and bulky - gave 'em away. This is really convenient and I use it more often. If you like classical music, somebody put together about an hour of Bach's top ten or words to that effect, on Youtube. So I can just listen to the 'puter if tv is boring. This is really apartment sized. And I can carry it my own self, as little kids say. ( I got a kick out of your description of the machine still in the shipping container.When we picked up  the treadmill, we had to use a dolly to get it in the house. Never again..)
    Check out the intertubes - hope you find something. Sorry for no pic of the bike.

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