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View Diary: Sen. Tom Coburn muses that Obama is 'perilously close' to impeachment (179 comments)

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  •  Do you think a Republican (5+ / 0-)

    will return us to the rule of law?  How many Republican administrations were not above the law? I do not want to see the kind of damage done to this country again that the Reagan administration inflicted.

    •  I don't think party affiliation matters. (0+ / 0-)

      I don't believe all Republicans are "bad" people or that somebody who self-identifies as Republican is the enemy.  I think these parties are made-up categories that have been provided to confuse the American people and make us fight each other about wedge issues so that we don't notice the activities of the wealthy elite who are destroying our world for their own gain.  So no, I don't care if the other "team" has "control" of the White House.  The "branding" has nothing to do with it any more for me.  I care that we have laws that are enforced which restrain people, especially governments, corporations and other people at the top, from harming vast numbers of people below them on the socio-economic ladder.  In a law-abiding system, if the next ruler, Republican or Democrat, turned out to be a criminal, we could impeach him or her too.  But we have to make that system an implemented reality first.  We have to hold somebody accountable.  Why should any ruler get away with any crime just because their predecessors did?  What kind of system are people arguing in favor of here?

      •  I don't believe that all Republicans are "bad" (1+ / 0-)
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        or the enemy either (some of my best friends, and all that..). My point is that if you are looking for politicians of any kind to put the public good and the rule of law over party affiliation, you will be disappointed.  

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