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  •  also on permits (5+ / 0-)

    Aside from the absurdity of asking your government for permission to protest that same government, there are a number of reasons permits are impractical in this situation.

    That 1-page application comes with about 25 pages spelling out liabilities, including a recommendation that your group have insurance (sometimes the administration even insists that a group show proof of insurance). The administration decides if your group should be charged extra for security or damage. This administration initially claimed the 2011 uprising caused $7.5 million in damages to the building and grounds, when in reality the cleanup costs were about $200,000, and that figure included routine maintenance as well as the additional wear and tear from having so many people inside for so long. Why in the world would anyone trust that this administration wouldn't gin up charges? Their purpose isn't to make us get a permit - it's to get rid of us.

    Also, the Solidarity Sing Along will be there 'til Wisconsin gets better, so do they really want the SSA taking over the space every day from now until at least inauguration day 2015? No blood drives, no school concerts, no ceremonies? The SSA uses the space if no one else has reserved it. No one in the SSA wants to take over the space - the intention is to use the space when no one else is.

    A permit requires that there be a defined group and an individual filling out the permit. There is no defined group of people who participate in the SSA. Sure, a lot of people come on a regular basis, but you never know who will be there. That's particularly true since the crackdown started. The permit requires you to estimate how many people are expected, and that's impossible for the SSA: two months ago we had about 30, yesterday there were probably 250; even during the crackdown there have been a few days the number of participants was under 100 - what would someone put on the permit? Again, if you miscalculate, you're responsible for the excess costs that the administration decides to assess.

    The permitting process was designed to apply to groups that need to reserve space at a particular time for a particular purpose. It's for groups that need to use equipment, amplification, risers, chairs, etc., or to set up displays for a period of time. It was never intended to apply to groups that need none of those things.

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