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View Diary: Update - Windows 8 + TPM 2 = Backdoor (52 comments)

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  •  I prefer KDE and so I use either (5+ / 0-)

    Kubuntu or Mint with KDE.  I use a wired desktop, but I used a new Dell Laptop while a graphics card was taking the long route from New Jersey to Connecticut.  I tried a bootable copy of Linux Mint with KDE and it worked great out of the box. The wireless network card was found and worked without using any command line and I even had graphics despite the system using Nvidia Optimus.  Graphics switching was not enabled and would have required Bumblebee if I had been doing an install, but I had a fully functioning laptop otherwise.  

    As for gaming it still is weak, but many games are available via Steam and you can always create a virtual Windows installation in which you play games but do everything else from Linux.

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