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View Diary: Update - Windows 8 + TPM 2 = Backdoor (52 comments)

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    Hey338Too, Just Bob

    Even redhat 2 - same vintage as windows 95 - handled network configuration as a once configured automatic restart sort of process (Yes I installed it).  

    Hardware support was once a problem, but is not any longer - other than some really weird TV hardware. Ubuntu and redhat have lists of supported hardware.  There is enough commercial interest in linux that drivers get written/converted very quickly.

    I don't know much about games, but since steam runs on linux, there seem to be a lot of linux games.  

    Ubuntu is pushing an Apple-like mobile phone ready GUI. I loath it. But both Ubuntu and my new favorite Mint are really easy to use and install.  

    If you're really desperate for windows you can even run an emulator - and my laptop runs windows xp within mint better than the original hardware did.

    TPM itself is not a problem (it's a set of specifications for encryption support hardware that is bound to the CPU), but signed automatic blind updating is. It wouldn't be surprising that there were backdoors in windows (or for that matter linux - but linux would be harder at kernel level because the sources are visible and people actually check them) and I wouldn't want to trust microsoft not to install a backdoor on what is supposed to be a secure system.

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