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View Diary: Obama says Republicans privately tell him they're scared of Rush Limbaugh (149 comments)

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  •  You're far too kind ... but not at all wrong (1+ / 0-)
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    I've been listening to the President's speech at Binghamton University ...

    Now ... if you listened very very carefully you'd have heard the President sort-of blaming many  of the "challenges facing" American education on ... uh, "stuff" that Congress kinda did, like cutting budgets.  You'd even hear that he said ... although not in so many words ... that the concern about "budget crisis" is misplaced and exaggerated.

    In an hour on-camera, the word "Republican" never escaped his lips.

    But you see: Mr. NonPartisan Nice Guy didn't want to BLAME anybody, or CRITICIZE any specific policy.  He has raised "go along to get along" to a high art , ...  not seeming to notice that while PERSONALLY, he's getting along just fine ... hell, Republican Congressmembers even share their doubts and fears with him  --  but POLITICALLY he's been neutered, chawed up and spit out?

    On the other hand ex-presidents can do very well for themselves just making after-dinner speeches and writing books.   So "Don't Cry for ME, Argentina."

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